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Welcome to my jewelry brand SHIRAORA.
At SHIRAORA I create “ready to wear” collections for men and women.

The collections are born out of research and artistic projects
that I have been working on for the past few years.

The jewelry at SHIRAORA gives a unique style due to the minimalist language,
it’s fits harmoniously on every person who wears it and creates the modern,
elegant and refreshing total look.

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Q&A About orders and products

I am here so that you will receive the most professional service available

Is it possible to order a custom-made piece of jewelry with a gemstone inlay or also to order it in gold?

You can order any type of gold you want \ stone inlay \ engraving according to personal choice.
Contact me and we will understand what your wishes are and I will fulfill them 🙂

Do you ship worldwide? And what is the extra charge for shipping?

Deliveries reach any address in the world.
The price varies depending on the weight of the order and the address to which it is sent.
The pricing method is only according to the delivery company and there is no additional charge for the service!

What are the payment methods for a purchase on the website?

The payment in the store is secure and allows you to make a safe purchase. You can pay via PayPal and also via credit card.
*You can pay via bank transfer (for orders over $500).

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