A long crocheted necklace that opens and closes like a scarf.

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A feminine and sexy necklace, delicate and sparkling, for those who love cleavage.
Worn around the neck in a tie like a scarf.

The Crocheted jewelry are meticulously handcrafted, with each piece being one of kind. the crochet techniqe allows the metal to capture numberous reflection of light from every direction, creating a diamond-like effect.

these crochet jewelry pieces are classic and minimalist, yet they stand out in the most flattering way possible.


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- - cm in
Choker Lies around base of neck. 35 - 40 14 - 16
Princess Falls just below throat. 43 - 48 17 - 19
Matinee Falls a bit bellow collarbone. 51 - 61 20 - 24
Opera Versatile double/single strand 71 - 86 28 - 34
rope Can be worn in many different ways over 114 over 45
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